Are you ready for the truth about snot?

Did you know that snot is safe to eat, but picking your nose can kill you? That mucus makes both a good toothpaste and shark repellent? Why do people eat gorilla boogers in Japan? Slurrrp...! It’s all in this book!

Did you know that frog boogers are a miracle virus killer? Why robots need mucus? Which world leaders pick it and lick it? Gulp...! It’s all in this book!

How much phlegm did dinosaurs have? Do you know how much mucus you swallow every day without knowing? (Hint: half a gallon). snot vegan?

Pick up everything you need to know about snot in this slime-powered encyclopedia of hilarious-but-true facts with scrumptious illustrations. Everyone from ages 8 to adult will eat it up!

Ebooks Available for US and UK